Jamaica: The haunted church of Skull Point

The haunted church of Skull Point

Left: Skull Point’s supposed haunted church. Right: The creepy inside of the church. – Photos by Robert Lalah

So there I stood, motionless in front of the abandoned, haunted church. The squeals coming from inside were getting louder. I looked behind me, wondering why I had come to this place. There was nobody in sight.

The windows of the giant building were all broken out and there were no doors. I was standing in the graveyard, contemplating my next move. I glanced at what was left of a grave just by my feet. The epitaph declared that the woman buried there had died in 1921.

The piercing squeals coming from inside the church were like an anguished symphony telling me to turn around and never return. But I had come this far. Skull Point in Manchester is some distance from Kingston and I was not about to turn back now. I had come to see what was going on inside the church.

On my way to find the place, I had stopped at a small shop in nearby Mile Gully and asked around to find out what people had heard about the church that is widely believed to be haunted.

“Don’t go there mi son. Is pure duppy in there. People say that di church had was to be abandoned because duppy wouldn’t stop come in there pan di congregation,” said Miss Imogene, a 72-year-old shopkeeper.

She went on to explain the story of how Skull Point got its name.

Beheaded slave

Legend has it that long ago, a slave called James Knight from the Lyndhurst estate in the parish, became a Christian and started preaching to fellow slaves. This angered his owner who ordered Knight beheaded. The slave’s killers carried out the order and then stuck Knight’s skull on a pole and placed it in the community as a warning to all other slaves. It is said that because of Knight’s violent death and the fact that he wasn’t given a proper burial, his spirit has been roaming the community ever since.

There aren’t many people still living in Skull Point, but tales of unexplained noises coming from the church have spread all across Manchester. Now here I was, hearing the sounds for myself.

I took a step closer to the church, then looked around, I suppose, hoping for a distraction that would force me to stay outside. I heard a car coming around the corner and looked back. As the vehicle zipped by the church, someone shouted “Oy! Mind di duppy dem run out pan yuh!” Then the car disappeared around the corner and I was alone again.

I was standing at the steps leading up to the church and could see from there that the building had been completely gutted. I saw a cross in the distance and a few pieces of wood strewn about, but that was it.

I slowly walked up the steps, cautiously peering inside. The sound of my shoes pressing against pebbles on the floor seemed exceptionally loud.

I stuck my head inside the church, careful to keep the rest of my body on the outside. It was dark in there, but limited sunlight coming through the broken windows and doorways allowed me to see. There were giant bats flying all around, making the most terrible sounds and a small rat ran right next to my feet. It smelled like wet wood in there and it was giving me the heebie-jeebies. The bats were flying low and kept coming too close to my face for comfort. Could the bats have been the cause of the scary sounds that residents have been talking about? I snapped a few pictures of them.

I walked back outside to the graveyard and spent some time walking around, reading the inscriptions on the tombstones. Some go as far back as 1915.

Now I had been at the supposedly haunted church for close to an hour and was by then, much more comfortable. It had been the bats all this time. That’s not so bad. So, armed with my pictures of the culprits, I hopped back into my vehicle and left Skull Point, without giving the issue a second thought. All was well with the world.


The trouble though, is this. I came back to Kingston proudly proclaiming to all and sundry that I had bravely solved the mystery of the haunted church of Skull Point. I had no reservations about doing this, because I had the pictures to prove it. Well, things did not quite go as planned. You see, as I’m writing this, I’m frantically going through the pictures for the ninth time trying desperately to find the bats. All the pictures I snapped of the bats flying around, for some reason, are showing nothing but the bare roof of the church. But there has to be some logical explanation. Right?


A few of the oldest graves at the church.

Many of the graves have been there since the 1920s.



Is the “White Witch” of Jamaica still haunting Rose Hall?

Exploring a Real Haunted House in Montego Bay, Jamaica: Rose Hall


This structure as the“Great House”. Sitting among 6,000 acres of land,the Rose Hall Plantation has a long history of legends and tales, mystery and intrigue, and, of course, spirits. The history of the structure is what makes it so popular today. In addition to this, many legends that surround the structure has attracted stories to be told regarding the plantation. Several books that have been written in a gothic tone have listed this building as a subject of interest. There is one book that mentions the plantation as the subject matter that has received profound success. This book was called “White Witch of Rose Hall”. 

This real haunted house in Montego Bay was completed in the year of 1780. In the earliest days of the history of the home, the owners had approximately two thousand slaves working in and around the immense building and vast acres of the property. John Palmer was the individual that completed the mansion. Eventually, his grandnephew by the name of John Rose Palmer took over the establishment with his wife, Annie Palmer. Annie Palmer was said to be completely insane, and a murderer. Once her husband passed away, it is said that she inherited the structure. She remarried several times in her lifetime. However, legend states that she has murdered all of her husbands in the plantation. Despite her obvious distorted and inappropriate mental state, her memory lingers on in several ways. In one area of this real haunted house, you will find a bar named “Annie’s Pub”that specializes in selling “Witches Brew” in her memory. 

Annie was referred to as the “White Witch of Rose Hall”. When she arrived at the home, she was a stunning 18 year old woman. From the age of ten, Annie was raised by a nanny of Haitian descent that wanted to serve as her guardian once her parents passed away from Typhoid Fever. Annie was very close to her nanny, and adored everything about her. Rumors emerged that this woman practiced in the occult. She was said to have been a voodoo priestess. It is believed that the nanny took a lot of time in educating Annie in the ways of the voodoo world. By the time Annie became an adult, she was well versed in the ways of the occult and practiced regularly. 

John Rose Palmer, Annie’s husband, loved her very much. However, he stumbled upon the fact that his wife was having an affair with one of the black slaves that worked for Rose Hall. Once this occurred, he was extremely hurt and severely angry. It is said that he found a whip that was often used in riding in those days and beat her with all of his might with it. The beating was quickly announced among others that lived and worked for the plantation. That evening, a tragedy occurred that is said to have been a result of Annie. John Rose Palmer passed away. Several people believed that she may have poisoned his food or his drink. Then, there are some that believe he died as a result of her voodoo spells, or her circle of voodoo protection. 

Immediately after the death of her husband, Annie went after the slave that she was having an affair with. She had the man gagged and beat until he died. Not too long afterwards, she began having other affairs with several other slaves that served post on the plantation. It was noted that she often had the slaves killed that she had intimate relations with. When the people who worked for Annie discussed her that referred to her as “Voodoo Woman”. In the year of 1831, Annie was discovered dead. It was determined that she had been strangled. While the servants worked to destroy all of her belongings, it is believed that her spirit is actually embedded to the home. Several hauntings and various type of unexplained activity have occurred throughout history in this real haunted house.

Annie Palmer's Tomb


If you want to visit a real haunted house, you should consider visiting Rose Hall. You are sure to leave with some exciting adventures to speak of. 

Rose Hall Hwy., 
(9 1/4 miles) east of Montego Bay 
Montego Bay,Jamaica 

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Inspiration

Couture Style

Lucky for the bargainista’s out there, you can still shop all the Paris Haute Couture-inspired looks for a sliver of the cost. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jeneil Williams

Jeneil Williams
Jeneil Williams

A few years ago, a beautiful young lady walked into Pulse headquarters on Trafalgar Road with the stated intention of becoming a model. At the time, there was no denying her striking beauty and potential, and as those in the ‘industry’ are wont to say, ‘She’s got the look’.

That shy-looking teenage girl was none other than the absolutely stunning Jeneil Williams. It has been a grand total of five years since she decided on taking charge of her own destiny by opting to pursue a career in the world of modelling. And since then, her documented rise to the top of the international world of modelling can be described as nothing short of meteoric.

Remarkably, Williams, who shot to modelling stardom, is still a remarkably focused and level-headed young lady. She is not given to tantrums and flights of fancy, and the entitlement behaviour and attitude many ascribe to models; or that many models have outfitted themselves in once they have hit the big time.

So phenomenal has been her success, however, that on Sunday night last, Pulse inducted Jeneil Williams into its Hall of Fame. This is no easy feat, considering her age, but there is no denying her the spot when her body of work is taken into consideration. Her credits include covers and editorials for publications such as Teen VogueI-DHarper’s Bazaar,ElleWRussian VogueItalian VogueFrench Revue Des Modes,Love, plus strutting for every major designer of note on all the major shows in the fashion capitals of the world.

Today, Outlook shares 10 things not previously known about the Jamaican international modelling sensation. – CFJ

1. Jeneil is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys working out daily, whatever her schedule.

2. She was a track-and-field athlete at Vere Technical High School. If she were not a model, she would still be pursuing a track-and-field career.

3. She considers herself a very shy person, but also extremely confident, who loves entertaining and enjoys having friends over.

4. Although she has been photographed in black more than any other colour, her favourite colour is red.

5. Jeneil considers herself very spontaneous.

6. She enjoys horror movies.

7. Jeneil has a weakness for chocolate and red velvet cheesecake.

8. She is an outspoken individual and speaks her mind as she sees fit.

9. She enjoys travelling and meeting new people.

10. Wherever she is in the world, she enjoys waking up every morning and making fresh juice to start her day.

French crepery has the aura of Paris


I remember our days in Paris when we’d take an evening stroll and casually walk into one of theroadside creperies, watch the pancakes being filled up with rich moist chocolate and pick up onefor each of us.

It is truly a roadside eatery: There is no indoor seating. A half-dozen big garden umbrellas shelter sets of chairs and tableswhere one can sit and order food. A French gentleman welcomedus and took our orders, and we could see the kitchen where twoyoung Chinese chefs created all the crepe magic. The idea ofoutdoor seating is nice for clear summer days.

The menu card is brief and to the point, with three main items:crepe rolls, galettes and crepes.

The rolls section has just two options, caramel pork rolls and beefrolls. The first is a dish of buckwheat rolls, stuffed with minced pork,salted butter, caramel and ginger, cut into nine pieces. The beefrolls were stuffed with minced beef, spinach and garlic served witha dollop of ketchup or mustard. The rolls are not the usual crispyones - these aren’t fried.

The galettes are the main dishes here - thin savory pancakesmade with buckwheat flour and usually stuffed with all things good.The choices were ample: “La complete gallete” came with ham, Emmental cheese and eggs. Inthe “L’ouest galette”, ham was replaced by bacon. Pork sausages, egg and Emmental cheesewere rolled up in a galette called a “La hot dog galette”, while the spinach, cream, Emmental andFrench goat cheese-stuffed galette is sure to bring a smile and perhaps childhood memories - itis called La Popeye Galette.

Obama’s French food tested by ‘taster’

“They have someone who tastes the dishes,” said waiter Gabriel de Carvalho from the “La Fontaine de Mars” restaurant where Obama and his family turned up for dinner on Saturday night.


“It wasn’t very pleasant for the cooks at first, but the person was very nice and was relaxed, so it all went well,” he said on the Itele news channel.

The restaurant confirmed the report.

The US Secret Service has always refused to confirm that US presidents travel with a food “taster”, in line with their policy of discretion on all security related issues.

But it is known the Service goes to great lengths to scrutinise the source and the preparation of food served to US presidents whenever they eat out of the White House to ensure it is not tampered with.

Japanese summer garnishes invigorate the taste buds

In Japanese cooking, garnish is not just added to a dish to make it look pretty. The word to describe the herbs and vegetables that accompany a dish isyakumi, which means “medicinal flavor,” and originally referred to the concoctions that practitioners of Chinese medicine made using various ingredients from nature.

Even in the 21st century, many people believe that the use of these fragrant, fresh herbs and vegetables is good for your health as well as your taste buds.

With a few exceptions such as green onions (available year-round in various varieties), the use of yakumi, like most other aspects of Japanese cuisine, is quite seasonal. The yakumi that are used in dishes most often in the summertime are tender green shiso leaves and two types of ginger: shin-shōga (new-harvest ginger root) and the flower buds of myōga (ginger). They are served on vegetables, meat or fish; on hiyayakko (chilled tofu); with cold noodles such as soba, sōmen and hiyamugi; and more.

Shiso, a type of perilla, has become quite well known in the West in the last decade. Micro-shoots of both the red-purple and green varieties show up as garnishes on dishes at trendy restaurants in Europe and North America, but in Japanese cooking the purple variety is rarely eaten raw — it is mostly used in the preparation of umeboshi (salt-preserved ume plums).

The young tender leaves of the green (ao) variety are often simply called ōba(big leaf) and are eaten both cooked and raw.


Shanghai painted in glorious colors

Shanghai painted in glorious colors

The entire city is lavishly decorated with all kinds of colorful leaves - hanging on the tree orfallen on the ground - making it irresistible for families and friends to be outdoors despite thecold weather.

Even in a dazzling metropolis like Shanghai that is made up of skyscrapers and highways, thereare still pockets of nature.

Shanghai Concert Hall, in Huangpu district, has recently been attracting the attention of visitorswith its oil painting-like golden carpet made up of fallen ginkgo leaves in front of the building.

People have taken photos of the picturesque views and shared them on their micro blogs,which have gone viral.

Joan Rivers storms off set: Why can’t CNN take a joke?

  • joan rivers headshot reuters.jpg

    January 25, 2010. Comedian Joan Rivers arrives for the premiere of the documentary “Joan Rivers – A Piece Of Work” during the 2010 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.Reuters

Joan Rivers, walked off the set recently during an interview with host Fredricka Whitfield on CNN. The comedian, ostensibly there to promote her new book, was met with a barrage of negative comments — thinly disguised as questions — from Whitfield that strongly implied Rivers’ humor was mean-spirited and hurtful, and that the cover photo on her book (which shows Rivers wearing a fur) was improper, given the sensitivities of animal rights activists.

Rivers correctly commented that Whitfield wasn’t capable of interviewing someone who “does comedy.” Whitfield didn’t seem to get that Rivers’ especially stark comments on stage about someone’s dress being “ugly,” or someone being cheap, or someone being too fat to wear Spandex aren’t really meant to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I’ve laughed with Joan Rivers since I was a kid. I never hated a single person she made a little good-natured fun of.

Such comments are so stark and so outrageous that everyone but folks

Mya Addresses Rumor About Affair With Jay Z

Mya / Jay Z
Frederick M. Brown / Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

R&B singer Mya addressed a new rumor circling the Internet that she has had an affair with Jay Z.

On June 19, the blind gossip website Crazy Days and Nights revealed that Mya is the answer to a past blind item they posted about a singer who supposedly had an affair with Jay Z. The original item read:

When people talk about Jay-Z and his mistresses, they often forget about a mainstay who has been there forever. She is the person he calls when he needs to be discreet and thinking about old times. She is that very short named R&B singer who hasn’t had a hit in awhile and doesn’t really even act or record any longer. She basically lives off the generosity of Jay-Z and a couple of other guys. She peaked at A-.

The 34-year-old singer addressed a fan’s question regarding the allegations on her Instagram account in the comments of one of her photos.

“Never did, never was, never will,” she wrote to the fan. “Illegitimate thirsty sources with no facts and that’s the ‘media’ for you-especially today. I play second to no one, pay my own bills, have my own label, own management company, rely on God only and respect myself & marriage way too much for nonsense. False rumors are crafted for ratings & numbers. And miserable, unhappy people need someone to judge to deter the attention away from their own misery and feel better about their miserable lives.”

The blind item post comes during a tumultuous time between Jay Z and Beyonce which started with the elevator incident with Solange Knowles, where it was rumored that Jay Z was flirting with someone at a party that caused Solange to become enraged at Jay Z.

Earlier this week, more suspicion was raised when during her On the Run concert, Beyonce changed the lyrics to one of her songs about misdeeds to reference her own marriage, which caused fans to wonder why she did that.

Actress Jiang Yiyan stars in 1st-ever horror movie

Actress Jiang Yiyan stars in 1st-ever horror movie

Ahn Byeong-ki, a South Korean film director, producer, andscreenwriter specializing in horror films, says it is just becausehorror films are very new to Jiang that her true feelings can beexpressed through her acting, which enables an intense feeling offear to appear more natural.


Jiang revealed in the interview Bunshinsaba 3 has made her a newfan of thrillers.

“In fact, I began to watch horror movies, since I decided to act inBunshinsaba 3. It’s so marvelous. It used to be difficult for me tounderstand why thrillers could have so many fans. However, when Ibecame an audience member for thrillers thanks to “Bunshinsaba3 or Bi Xian 3″ I suddenly found I really enjoy the stimulantprocess.”

31-year old Jiang Yiyan began to act in TV series in 2000. JiangYiyan gained fame for her role in Deadly Delicious, Nanjing!Nanjing!, and Bullet Vanishes.

The actress has long been well recognized for her adorably sweet film roles. However, Jiangdoesn’t want to be stereotyped in all her films.

David Letterman walks out on Joan Rivers interview

joan rivers david letterman cbs.jpg

Comedian Joan Rivers shares a laugh with Dave when she visits the Late Show with David Letterman Tuesday Feb. 26, 2013 on the CBS Television Network.Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

Joan Rivers continues her book tour.

Three days after walking out on CNN after objecting to Fredricka Whitfield’s line of questioning, Joan stopped by David Letterman‘s CBS late-night show tonight.

When she began to poke fun at June Allyson — America’s Sweetheart circa 1940 — Dave walked out and his guest was left to go it alone:

Lucy Hale trades ‘vicious’ Hollywood for country music ‘community’

“Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale has traded in the Hollywood fast lane for the honky-tonk streets of Nashville with the release of her debut country album, “Road Between.”

“Country music is kind of all I know,” the 25-year-old Tennessee native told FOX411. “I started in music and acting came as a surprise to me but I fell in love with acting and music kind of got put on the back burner.”

Although she’s already performed at the Grand Ole Opry and seen her music chart, Hale knows she still has a lot to prove to those who shake her off as just another actress turned singer.

“It’s scary because there are so many people who have come before me and have failed and not done a good job, but for me I’ve always been a musician at heart — I want to be the exception,” Hale said. “I know have a lot to prove and I know I have a lot of minds to change, but it’s a really good challenge and I think when people hear me talk about music, see me perform or listen to the CD, I think they’re like, ‘Oh now we get it.’”

Based on of the support she’s received from the industry and fans, Hale said she’s officially been welcomed into the country music family.

“I’m actually blown away from the support I’ve experienced by country radio and being invited to sing at the Opry and even a lot of the artists, its just been really cool,” she said.

Hale has found a home in Nashville after years in what she described as a cutthroat Hollywood.

“That’s what I love about Nashville and what I love about that community, is that they want to see people succeed and people root for each other,” she said. “I’m used to Hollywood where it’s like dog eat dog and people are vicious, so its nice to get to experience something so genuine and it’s cool to feel welcome.”

Hale may be new to the professional Nashville music scene, but growing up in Memphis, it was only natural for her to make her singing debut as a country singer.

“I’m a southern girl, so country music was all around always,” she said of her upbringing. “It was on the radio, it was what I watched on TV, it was what I would perform so when it came time to make an album there was no other option.”

After two years of working on the album, country is “just what felt right” and where Hale’s “heart lies.”

“Country music is just storytelling, and I loved it even as a little girl because I loved the stories and the pictures it would paint,” Hale said. “I think out of any genre, country music just hits it right on the head of whatever emotion it is and music has helped me through so many of the crazy times in my life, especially country music.”

In the same way country music helped Hale, the singer is reaching out in more ways than her music to help others.

“Nestle Crunch has partnered with the Girl Scouts of the USA…[to raise] money to send girls [in need] to camp which is something I wanted to lend my name to because I love what the Girl Scouts stand for — female empowerment and building character and confidence in young girls.”

Hale voices her own support for young girls on her song “Nervous Girls.”

“There’s a song called ‘Nervous Girls’ which has probably gotten the most positive feedback because it’s got a really strong message,” said the singer. “Because I think it’s reached out to a lot of people, even guys can relate, it’s about the struggles of being a human. It talks about how we all struggle with things but at the end of the day, no matter what you do, where you came from, or what you look like, we’re all kind of the same.”

Sandra Bullock found intruder near her bedroom, report says

sandra bullock 924 reuters.jpg

Actress Sandra Bullock arrives at the 19th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards in Santa Monica, California January 16, 2014. REUTERS/Kevork Djansezian (UNITED STATES – Tags: ENTERTAINMENT) (CRITICSCHOICE-ARRIVALS) – RTX17HDF

Sandra Bullock came face-to-face with a crazed stalker just outside her bedroom door during a terrifying, middle-of-the-night confrontation last month, police said.

The “Miss Congeniality” actress, 49, slammed the bedroom door, locked herself inside and immediately dialed 911, begging cops to rush to her Los Angeles mansion, according to a search warrant affidavit, according to TMZ.

PHOTOS: Celebrity real estate

Bullock first heard a loud noise around 1 a.m. When she headed to her bedroom for safety, Bullock saw Joshua Corbett, who was dressed in dark colored clothing, in her hallway.

The actress alerted authorities that she showered before going to bed so the intruder may have been on the premises the entire time.

When officers arrived, Corbett shouted, “Sandy, I’m sorry. Please don’t press charges.” He was also carrying a notebook of magazine cut-outs and handwritten notes for Bullock. “I will forever be thinking of you and Louie, my son, as you are my wife by law, the law of God and you belong to me and me to you,” read one of the notes.

Corbett was charged with residential burglary, stalking and possession of a machine gun.

Hershey Ups Candy Prices as Costs Rise

  • Hershey Chocolate Candy Bars Vending Machine

Hershey Co (HSY), the No. 1 candy producer in the United States, said it would increase prices of its instant consumable, multi-pack, packaged candy and grocery lines by about 8 percent to tackle rising commodity costs.

The maker of Reese’s, Kit Kat and Ice Breakers also said it now expects 2014 sales and adjusted profit to be at the lower end of its previous estimate, and forecast a slight dip in adjusted margins.

Hershey said most of the benefit of the price increase, effective Tuesday, would reflect next year. Direct buying customers would be offered prior prices until Aug. 12.

The company said it expects higher commodity costs to eat into margins. It had earlier expected full-year adjusted margins to expand by 50 basis points.

Hershey had also forecast net sales to grow 5-7 percent and adjusted profit per share to rise 9-11 percent.

“Commodity spot prices for ingredients such as cocoa, dairy and nuts have increased meaningfully since the beginning of the year,” Hershey’s North America head Michele Buck said in a statement on Tuesday.

Cocoa futures jumped to a near-three-year high earlier this month.

Hershey estimated adjusted profit between 75 and 77 cents per share on sales growth of 4.5 percent for the quarter ended June 29. This translates to sales of $1.58 billion.

Analysts on average were expecting earnings of 76 cents per share on revenue of $1.60 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

(Reporting by Mridhula Raghavan and Sruthi Ramakrishnan in Bangalore; Editing by Joyjeet Das)

Can you eat ‘smart’ and boost your brain power?


When it comes to brain health, it seems nothing is more confusing than advice about what we eat and drink.

The media’s obsessional reporting of every new finding on diet and memory (no matter how small or obscure the study) merely reflects our own anxieties about how the food on our table may literally turn the tables on our long-term vitality. Strident statements and specific instructions are increasingly made.

Yet as a recent editorial in the Neurobiology of Aging journal states, “(s)o far, no nutritional intervention has been proved to be effective in reducing the risk or severity of Alzheimer’s or any dementia.”

If you eat the traditional American diet, it’s time to make a change. One of the most valuable things we can learn from looking at the dietary trends for both brain and body health is that we aren’t eating what the current science suggests we should.

While some may feel that there is little risk in making such diet recommendations regardless, this is not truly the case.

Some trends may be risky — for example the supplement ginkgo biloba can increase risk for bleeding in older adults, and is contraindicated in individuals taking blood thinning agents).

Others may be expensive, creating a potential economic burden for the user.

Finally – and most ironically — too many of us live with a dose of disconnect between how we eat and what we know is good for our brains and our general health.


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